Homepage Image

The image used on the homepage of Novel Knitting comes from my own stock photos. I took this image when I was about to leave my home in Healdsburg, California to go stay with my daughter in Atlanta, Georgia. Since I was taking only a few books from my own personal library, the books and bookcases were going into storage with the very real prospect of never seeing any of it again. I wanted to preserve it in all its glory. But this one image doesn’t show my entire library. Four years later, I had all my books and bookcases shipped to Atlanta, and now they have all been safely reunited and again coverup all the walls in my office/bedroom.

The two bookcases shown here were purchased for about $400 each in Modesto, California back in 2003 from a place called Oak Warehouse, I believe. I am told they would cost at least twice that now, if you could get them at all. They are made of solid oak.